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Greenfiller 550 Paper Pad Packaging Machine, Paper Void Fill & Cushioning System   $1275.0
Greenfiller 550 Portable Paper Pad Cushioning System, Kraft Paper Pad Maker, Quilted Paper Packaging Machine. Electronic controls. Automatic and manual modes. Manual included. Accepts paper rolls 550mm wide x 650m long x 70gsm. Please contact me to discuss shipping options.

Mini Air Classic Air Cushion System Large HDPE Wrapper Bubble Refill Rolls   $30.62
Mini Air - Air Cushion System Large 2C HDPE F-3 Refill Rolls Welcome to Estate Pickers Auctions - Up for sale is an Incredible refill roll of Mini Air - Air Cushion System green wrapper bubbles type HDPE 2C acetate green F-3 on original roll in an unopened package from a private west coast estate co ...  More

TESTING & COSMETIC NOTES:This is a KNOWN BAD / PARTS & REPAIR item in FAIR cosmetic condition that IS NOT WORKING and is SOLD AS-IS / NOT GUARANTEEDThis unit was stored after use. The A side pump and/or hoses are clogged. It throws an over pressure over when it is powered on. The B side is f ...  More

Packing Peanuts System   $0.99
Four hopper loose fill (packing peanuts) dispenser used for packaging products. System includes four blue mesh fill holders, four conical fill dispensers, and an automatic fill system that is used to fill the mesh holders from trailer truck loads of fill. Each blue mesh holder is eight feet tall by ...  More

Sealed Air Instapak 900. Foam in place packaging system. LOWEST PRICE   $700.0
If you're interested in purchasing this please contact me at (405) 844-2773 before you make a purchase, so we can discuss payment arrangements and shipping options available. For sale is a used Instapak 900 series Foam in place table-top model packaging system, this machine works perfect and has no ...  More

Fill-Air 1000 Sealed Air Corp - Inflatable Air Bag Air Pillow Packaging System   $350.0
Used Sealed Air Fill Air 1000 machine. Manufactured 2004. The Fill-Air 1000 is being sold As-IsThe machine was in good running order when removed from service spring 2013. Right now the machine powers up with no errors. When put into run mode, the bags will cycle and seal without inflating. Probably ...  More

Packing Sleeves Packing System 2-piece Set of 15 inch Folders   $33.44

Smart Aim Intellipack Smartbagger Foam Packing Dispenser System   $550.0

Newair I.B 200 Sealed Air IB200 Inflatable Cushioning System Machine FREE SHIP!   $1495.0

Fill-Air 1000 Sealed Air Corp - Air Pillow Packaging System !!!BOTH MACHINES!!!   $400.0

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